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The game is over. Thank you for playing!

Attention geocaching sleuths! Sherlock is missing & Dr Watson is indisposed. We have a mystery for your to solve: We must find the whereabouts of Sherlock and his arch nemesis Moriarty. The security of the world is at stake!

The game is simple: Holmes or Moriarty have left clues on the map, go to the location. If you get there first, you will find a small tag waiting for you. Please keep the tag. Do not grab more than one tag of each type. Follow the instructions on the tag to claim it. So it can be removed from the map. A prompt will tell you how to get a trackable deerstalker hat reward geocoin with an option for an vintage box! How splendid is that?

There are two kinds of tags:
Gold Holmes that publish at 7 am
Silver Moriarty that publish at 7 pm.
Get them both and become a Grand Detective!

Supporter packs are available A Novel Cache
Sign up for the game and future game notifications: Game Signup
Tags finish publishing July 24. Tags must be redeemed by August 24, 2021

Stay alert - and sign up here - because Holmes or Moriarty may appear at any time and anywhere in the world. Join our Facebook Group for game updates and announcements and follow the game on Instagram and Twitter.

Good Luck! - Mycroft Homes

Redemption rules: Strictly one coin of each type per household (not per account or family member); One Holmes tag, One Moriarty tag, that is it! There is no cost for the geocoin, but you are responsible for any shipping charges. The geocoin must be redeemed by August 24, 2021.